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The Stanley Parable (**)

Two stars. I love Hellraiser. It’s always stood apart from other stalking-horror teen scream movies of the 1980s, and not just for its heavy emphasis on revolting gore effects. There was something going on in Hellraiser, and to some extent … Continue reading


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Red Dead Redemption (0)

Zero stars. I was, as a kid, very aggressive in my consumption of fantasy novels. There was very little I wouldn’t read, and if there was even the slightest promise of swords n’ sorcery, I was all over that. There … Continue reading

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Gone Home (**)

Two stars. I’ve been avoiding Gone Home, because I wasn’t sure that twenty dollars was a reasonable price for what seemed, from the various descriptions I’d read, like a virtual real-estate agent. ‘Tour this amazing house! See the newly remodeled … Continue reading

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Nuke the entire site from orbit.

My previous install of WP was apparently vulnerable, and hacked. To hell with it; I just purged it and started over.

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