Social Media and Moderation

I’ve finally managed to enable the social media buttons on posts. You wouldn’t think it would be a challenge, but there it is.

If you’re reading this stuff, I’d love if you’d take a moment to share whatever you’ve enjoyed on your social media network of choice. Feedback from people reading these reviews is what motivates me to write them, and my intent is always to start conversations.

As for those conversations: I moderate everyone’s first-ever comment. That makes it difficult to jump into a discussion, it’s true, but it also keeps me from cluttering the world with more SEO and work-from-home spammers. I’m unlikely to refuse your comment if you’re an actual human, you appear to be posting something related to the article, and you’re not, y’know… awful.

If you’re not sure if you’re awful or not, you’re not. Awful people never think they’re awful.

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